Don’t underestimate the importance of a business card! a great and inspiring design is a conversation starter and a great way to get your brand out there. Make sure that your business card design is cutting edge, memorable and great. We’ve included 25 business card ideas to make sure your business card works, as well as some unique and creative business card design samples we’ve come across.


25 Business Card Ideas That Work

Business Card Demo Aeroplane

2. Clearly distinguish your personal taste from your brand

I might love pink flowers, but they have nothing to do with my writing style or consulting strategy. It might seem easy when you think about it, but you’d be surprised to see how much we lean towards what we naturally like and not what represents our company. So while you might like pink flowers, you don’t want them on your executive business card. I know it’s exaggerated, but you get my point!

Business Card Demo Design

Get your brand noticed, take the time to create a business card that reflects your business.

3. Do your research to avoid being the same

Don’t be afraid of doing a little research before deciding on the design. Don’t worry about it influencing your design because your creativity is getting cramped. You’ll quickly spot any trends going on in your field and this will prevent you from doing what everyone else is doing with their cards. Also, it might help you decide on things you want to include or elements that don’t fit into your vision.

Business Card Demo Laces

4. Match the tone of your business card to the tone of your company

Business Card Demo Intersection

If what you do is funny or entertaining, then no one is expecting a boring card from you, unless you write on the back “This is so boring! Come see how we do fun!”. If you create things, then a handmade card would describe your work more than any words can. If professionalism is the core of you business, then go professional all the way. Make sure your card matches your company.

5. Focus on the aspect you most need

  • What is the most important thing regarding your business right now?
  • Did you do a re-brand lately?
  • Did you get upgraded from a specialist to CEO?
  • Is there a new service you’ve started to provide lately?
  • Are there new branches added to the company or new shops opened?
  • Maybe you changed your phone number or email?
  • Or do you really need to associate your name to the company?

Think about what’s more important and make sure it’s reflected on the card. Make sure the details are correct!

6. Consider designing a series of cards

Think about multiple designs or colors, or maybe a series with a story developing so they are collectible and exciting to receive. Pieces of a puzzle would also be a nice idea.

Design a series of business cards with a developing story so they are collectible and fun.

For a more classic approach, treat the cards as your portable mini portfolio. Just some ideas for you to consider!

Business Card Demo Hairstylist
Business Card Demo Bentley

7. Quality & luxury are not the same

Quality is always luxury but luxury is not always quality. Think carefully when you go for a fancy emboss or gold foil. If the company you run is about raw materials or living a meaningful life, then lean towards quality with minimal and clean cards. Unless you are 100% aware that everything in your card is in tune with your company’s policies and mission, don’t risk it. Better safe than sorry.

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8. Pay special attention to your logo

You can emphasize the company’s logo by placing it in a large format on the front of the card. This will help it being recognized and will serve as a cohesive visual for the business cards of other people working in your company. The more people see a logo, the faster they will recognize it (a well designed logo helps too).

Business Card Demo Butterfly

9. Use the logo as the company name

If the logo of the company is the name of the company or includes it, make sure to use that and not the name in a random font. That way the connection to the brand is stronger. Imagine a Google card, with the name Google written in another font and in black. It would be harder (or maybe impossible) to connect it to the internet giant. Keep it consistent.

Business Card Demo Builders

10. Match the card to the company brand

If you are using colors, make sure they are the exact color used in the rest of the branding material. If it’s a shade of grey, make sure it’s the exact same shade. It’s a bit like a car that’s been to the panel beater. It just looks like a poor job if they didn’t match the colors exactly. Also, the overall style should reflect the same one used in every online presence of your company or work.

11. Test the printing quality

Before you invest in getting cards printed test the final result. Check the quality of the printing. Sometimes there’s too much black or dullness. You want to make sure things look sharp and clean. It’s a good time to double-check the colors too. Finally, test the ink to understand if it smudges easily or fades in sunlight, disappears under water or from rubbing.

Business Card Demo Paper

12. Don’t use the same business card for multiple companies

It is very difficult to digest the information when two or more companies are on the same card, unless you want to show your relation to the companies. For these rare cases, only use your name and an email or phone number, along with the company’s logos. Spare further details to prevent the card from looking like a yellow page. You also do not want to come across like you have a pocket full of different business cards.

13. Use the back of the card

Even if you want a single side business card, you really should consider taking advantage of the back of the card to put your signature or a handwritten note. a helpful idea is to encourage people to write something about you or how you’ve met by having a couple of lines ready for them to fill in or a specific phrase like “How we met”. Get creative. Maybe try “One reason you’ll remember me by.”

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Business Card Demo Yoga Classes

14. The right font is everything

The font of your choice should be legible and neutral enough. Nothing sketchy or tacky (unless that is your purpose). You can use 2-3 different sizes and strokes to create hierarchy in the text. Also make sure the numbers are not overlapping each other and are legible. Clarity always wins the day. The goal of a card is to provide boring information. Make sure it’s not obscured with an illegible and ambiguous font.

Business Card Demo Profile

15. Use the blank space wisely

Don’t try to fill in the space, but see it as a tool to showcase the information. White serves as a great canvas, but any other solid color or subtle background can help enhance the text.

16. Choose the correct materials wisely

Use the highest material and printing quality you can afford, but be aware of super bulky cards or ones that can easily be worn out. Use recycled paper if your company cares about the environment (Don’t overdo it or you’ll be mistaken for a recycling company 🙂 ). Same logic goes for wood, metal, glass, plastic or any other innovative material you want to use for your business card.

Business Card Demo Medical

17. Use the power of a hashtag

If you don’t know what a hashtag is, and what it’s used for, it’s time to hit If you are on several social media, make sure to use the same hashtag on all of them. Including only one hashtag in the card will be much more effective and easier to remember than four different ones.

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Business Card Demo Skateboard

18. Use your work to build your brand

If you do something innovative or offer a very specific service, you can incorporate a photo or illustration of what you do. Also, if your style is coherent and you’re famous for a specific thing, showcase that on all your business cards. Words can be used too, as long as you can express what you do in a couple of short sentences and they’re catchy.

19. Use your own photo

If you’re going to be printing on the cheap, then skip this. There’s nothing worse than a badly printed image. There’s nothing wrong with putting your own photo on the card, as long as it brings something extra to the information and matches the theme of your work. It’s a good move particularly when you attend meetings, conferences or travel on a regular basis.

Business Card Demo Profile

Putting a face to a business cards helps people remember it.

That brings me to my next point.

Business Card Demo Computer

20. Make it memorable

Whatever you do, you will want to make your business card memorable by including an extra something with it or telling a short significant story when you introduce your business. Stories and a nice attitude are much more likely to be remembered. Get creative. Think about ‘what’s the one thing that will make this business memorable’ then jot down your best ideas.

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21. Avoid the tech trap

Use technology only if it is accessible by your target audience. As a web design company you can use QR codes in your card, but as a florist you might not need it. The less you distance yourself from the audience, the more likely they will stick with you.

Business Card Demo Flash Drive

22. Approach your business from the future

What is one single thing you want people to immediately associate you with? Use what you think is the most unique or strong feature of the company and highlight that, but make sure it is something you already have and not what you think you do or wish to have some day!

23. Experiment with shape

Even if you belong to a non-creative industry, you might want to distance yourself from the competition by going with a non-classic shape. Squares, small rectangles and even circles are great to catch attention, but keep it small enough to fit into people’s pockets or cardholders. Just another idea to be creative! Be aware it a non conventional shape will increase your printing costs.

24. Choose objects that you/your company is related to

Far away is the era of printing your logo on every commercial object available. Instead, choose a relevant everyday use object and transform it into your business card. Make sure the connection is direct and your company is specialized in that object/theme/industry.

Business Card Demo Chair
Business Card Demo Folding Chair

25. Be creative all the way

Everybody loves to look at something pretty, creative, or clever. If you want to be creative with your business card, make sure it’s so creative that everyone gets it and causes no confusion. Run a little test with people around you. If one person doesn’t get it, you should investigate it. What’s obvious to you, is not always obvious to others.

What’s Next You Ask?

It’s time for you to take action and think about your business card:

How many of these points does it meet?
Can it be improved?


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