A 20 Point Google Analytics Custom Report Checklist. How is Your Website Performing?

Online Goal Setting Is As Important As Offline Business Goals

Dominate with actionable insights from a Google Analytics custom report. Set SMART Goals, implement these goals and monitor their performance.

In a business people and projects are measured on how they perform against a predetermined set of goals and outcomes, but when it comes to building a business online, very few people take the time to set goals, let alone measure the performance of a website against these goals.

Okay, here is something really inspiring! It looks like an old rotten tree trunk but you won’t believe it untill you see it!

A Google Analytics custom report is a powerful tool that is relatively simple to install and understand, but few people realise and harness the powerful information that it provides. a well thought out set up and informed monitoring of a Google Analytics account can easily be the difference between success and failure for an online business.

You Need to Know:

  • How many visitors came to your site
  • where in the world the visitors came from
  • their bounce rate – although they generally have no idea what this is
  • how the visitors reached their website (from organic search, paid ads etc)

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The Google Analytics Report is Divided into 5 Sections:

  • General Goals
  • Visibility Goals
  • Interaction Goals
  • Transactional Goals
  • Geo-Targeting Goals

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