How To Manage An Inbox

We all spend far too much time doing emails. When you’re managing 30 email accounts you learn to get really good at it. Here are some of my pro tips. I hope you find value and learn something new.

Let’s Get Started

This is best explained by showing you how it’s done. Please watch the video below.

Quick Links To All Tools

What If I Don't Have Gmail or Google Addons?

You can easily connect any mail account as an alias and send the emails through the Google servers.  See the guide here.

The Step By Step

Step #01: Configure Settings

General Tab

  • Max page size: 25
  • Images: always display
  • Send & Archive: show button
  • Desktop Notifications: off
  • Keyoboard shortcuts: on


  • Canned Responses = Enable
  • Preview Pane = Enable

In Actual Inbox

  • Disable chat by clicking on it.

Step #02: Grammarly

  • Checks your emails to make sure they don’t have bad grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Install Grammarly Chrome Extension
  • Set language to relevant language.

Step #03: Install KeyRocket

  • Install KeyRocket
  • Shows you keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.

Step #04: Install Clearbit

Helps to:

  • find emails of people
  • shows their info and profile.
  • Helps you know who you’re writing to.

How To:

  • Install Clearbit
  • Connect to email account

Step #05: Signup To Unroll.Me

  • This removes many subscriptions in 1-click!
  • Install me

Step #06: Install MailTag


  • This lets you see read stats, and schedule follow up sequences.
  • Install MailTag &
    Login to dashboard

Configure PING Sequences Settings:

  • Followup #01 (ZA) – Timezone = ZA, Set to send between 9AM and 3pm, Disable holidays
  • Followup #02 (US) – Timezone = US, Set to send between 11AM and 3pm, Disable holidays

Configure Profile Settings:

  • Configure profile to disable email & desktop alerts.
  • Update profile details & timezone.

Step #07: Insert Gmail Column Resizer

Step #08: Cleaning Up The Inbox

Create Filters

Create Filters To Delete Messages With:

  • [from:noreply* OR from:do-not-reply* OR from:donotreply* OR from:notification*]
  • [from:wordpress* OR from:disqus]
  • [unsubscribe]
  • [from:news* OR from:digest* OR from:auto* OR from:reports* OR from:*mailer*]

Remove Mails (Run Yearly)

Delete Emails With:

  • has:attachment larger:5m (Set size!)
  • before:2017/01/01 (Choose date!)

Check Maelstrom:

  • Signup for Mailstrom
  • Let it scan your inbox.
  • Find the emails you need to delete and then insert them into the search and delete!

Pro Tips

  • Open up an email from the sender you want to block, click the drop-down menu next to the reply arrow, and choose “Block Sender.” This will automatically move the emails you receive from these senders to the spam folder, and emails that are older than 30 days auto get cleared.
  • Make sure you’re using labels. These will make your life so much easier!
  • For added convenience use filters to auto label emails.
  • Make sure you’re using the ‘archive’ feature that removes the emails from your inbox. It took me a while to realise this isn’t actually archiving it, just removing the ‘inbox’ label from it!