Business Growth Strategy Series:

Video Overview: The Ultimate Digital Sales Funnel. The Best Asset For Your Website

Intro: Growth Strategy To Boost Your Business With Your Site By 200%

Step #01: How To Increase Sales, Sell More & Increase Your Profit

Step #02: Using Customer Retention To Increase Profitability By 75%

Step #03: 7 Website Conversion Secrets Of the Highest Converting Websites (1st Trust Offer)

Step #03A: Boosting Conversions By 150% With Remarketing [You Are Here]

Step #04: The MOST Valuable Business Strategy Change To Your Business (2nd Trust Offer)

Step #05: Want a Successful Business? Learn From The Best Companies (Core Offer)

Step #06: A Marketing Strategy Case Study To Make You Unstoppable (Profit Maximiser)

Step #07: 3 Sales Tactics For a Compounded Business Sales Explosion

Summary: Use THIS Business Marketing To Be An Authority (In ANY Market)

Implementation: This Is How You Implement & What It Costs

Example #01: How To Grow Your Business By 200% In The Financial Niche

A 150% increase in conversion is massive. You can see how you can almost double your company’s profitability! Discover why boosting your conversions is so important.

This is step #03A of our proven 8 step ‘Business Growth Series’ to grow your business through your website by 200% to 1000%+.

See The Power Of This Digital Sales Funnel

Step #03A – The Re-Marketing Addon

A Website Conversion Improvement!

At this point your only goal is to get people into your funnel.

You’ve built an amazing squeeze page and tested your offer, and refined your headlines and button colors. You’ve tested and refined. Tested and refined and you’ve got a kickass lead generator. But no matter how brilliant you are, people will fall through the cracks.

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Let’s assume…

  • You’re average
  • and can get a 30% conversion rate on your lead generator.
  • So you send 1000 people to your squeeze page
  • and you can generate 300 leads.

What about the majority of people who didn’t take up your offer?

The other 70% (or 700 people). The dark side if you will.

70%+ Of Your Traffic Will Be WASTED If You Don’t Do This!


That’s a lot of traffic that you’re wasting. 97% to be precise.

This is a MASSIVE market and you’ve already paid for them to see your offer once and for whatever reason, they didn’t react. They had too many tabs open, they got distracted.

Somewhere between 70% to 97% of your site visitors will leave without taking any action (depending on how optimised for conversions your site is).

If you’ve got 1000 site visitors…

  • that’s between 700 and 997 people who leave without doing anything.
  • Put another way…that’s between 700 and 997 lost opportunities!

But they did show an inkling of an interest which is why they clicked on your add and landed on your squeeze page. So there is something you can work with.

What Can You Do About These 70%+ Of Lost Opportunities?

Bring them back to your lead magnet!

This is called re-marketing and it’s extremely effective (Keep reading to see just how effective it is!).

What you do is place a little tag on ANYONE that visits that squeeze page but doesn’t signup. I.e. 60% of visitors who didn’t sign up. Then over the next 60 days you work hard at bringing them back.

What Would These 70%+ ‘Lost’ Visitors See?

At Lab41 we build many iPhone apps as well and I read a lot of different articles to keep on top of the marketing game.

Here is a site I recently visited and didn’t take action on (I was in the 97% of ‘Lost’ visitors for them) and was looking at my Facebook feed recently and spotted this.

I want you to see how they’ve used a ‘Re-targeted’ advert to try and bring me back to their ‘Lead Magnet’.

Facebook Lead Magnet Remarketing

I want you to notice a few things about this advert:

  1. They’re not selling me anything.
  2. They’re not asking for any money or communicating a price cost.
  3. It’s totally free.
  4. They have a clear Call To Action.
  5. It’s super specific. We’re looking at new ways to market iPhone apps and here they’re offering 14 AppStore Optimisation (ASO) tricks for free! That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Can You See How POWERFUL This Is?

Let’s look at another example.

You’ll notice I’ve quoted ‘Kissmetrics’ as a source for various stats. They’re an amazing analytics platform but they’ve identified a pain point in customers signing up for their ‘Lead Magnet’ or risk free trial. Many people think that they’re just a smaller version of Google Analytics and charge for it.

Kissmetrics FB Ad

So while most users visit their site and move on, Kissmetrics don’t waste these ‘Lost’ visitors.

They use the Re-Marketing Addon, to educate people about their product and then bring them back to their site with great effectiveness.

I Want You To Notice

Notice how they:

  • are not selling anything at all in this advert.
  • they’re just building brand familiarity.
  • but notice that when you click on it, it takes you here and
  • you can see that this page has 1 purpose and 1 purpose only…

To capture your contact information!

An example of an absolutely brilliantly done campaign. Not only has it educated it’s ‘Lost’ visitors, but it’s using a powerful and optimised ‘Lead Magnet’.

Let’s Look What One Of The Biggest Ad Platforms In The World Does

Facebook itself.

We run many ads, and they’re always trying to bring us back to their brand and get us to spend more. Part of this is about educating us about their offering.

Facebook Retargetting

Notice that there is no selling happening here. They know that the more features I use, the more I’ll spend. Very smart!

This re-marketing is effective because it offers several benefits:

  • Increases brand awareness and recognition with the constant exposure to brand ads.
  • Drives repeat traffic to your site.
  • Signups aren’t always made during the first visit. Of the visitors who didn’t signup on the initial visit 60% of visitors (Source: DMNews) who visit a site again will take action.

So what does this mean?

If you send 1000 people to your site initially and you have a 30% conversion rate on your squeeze page, you’ll have 300 leads. Which is a LOT better than the industry average of 20.

Who doesn’t want that!

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How You Can Grow Your Effectiveness By 150% With This One Change

I promised that I’d show you how effective this addon really is, and the best way to do that is amalgamate the results from thousands of tests so that you can see what it’s average impact is.

What is important to notice is that the conversion rate of REPEAT visitors (since it’s not the first time seeing your brand or offer) is far higher if done correctly!

Re-targeting can lead to a 150% higher conversion rate over time.

(Source: CMO)

So an averagely done campaign should yield a 150% conversion improvement. But a great one can probably get you up to a 300% improvement.

But at the start we assumed you’d only get ‘average’ results so we’ll use 150% as our number.

Coming back to our example…

So that brings your 30% conversion rate to 45% on these repeat visitors!

How To Get More People Returning At This Higher Conversion Rate?

This really depends on 2 things:

  1. The quality of your offer.
  2. The quality of your ad/communication.

Simple. So for a compound effect, you need to have a great quality offer and a great quality advert!

So How Many People Will Return At This Higher Conversion Rate?

If you’re average,

26% of customers will return to a site through re-targetting.

(Source: InvesCRO)

So How Effective Is a Good Squeeze Page?

Assuming an average client is worth $100 profit to companies in your industry (as per above) and you send 1000 visitors to your site.

An Average Website (Not Squeeze Page):

  • They lose 97% of site visitors…
  • They don’t have this addon.
  • They still only get $200 from those 2 deals (at $100 each).

A Good Squeeze Page:

  • Converts first time visitors into leads at around 30%.
  • Converts returning visitors at around 45%*.
  • So 700 people re-targetted of which 26% will return.
  • 182 returning visitors.
  • Who convert at 45% *.
  • 82 EXTRA leads.
  • (Please note this is a squeeze page, not a contact form inquiry!)

* Re-targetting increases your initial conversion rate by 150% (So 30% will now convert at 45% for repeat visitors).

A Great Squeeze Page:

  • Converts first time visitors into leads at around 50%.
  • Converts returning visitors at around 75%.
  • So 500 people re-targetted of which of which 40% will return.**
  • 200 returning visitors.
  • Who convert at 75% *.
  • 150 EXTRA leads.
  • (Please note this is a squeeze page, not a contact form inquiry!)

* Re-targetting increases your initial conversion rate by 150% (So 50% will now convert at 75% for repeat visitors).

** Since you’re great you’ve optimised your ads you can easily get a higher engagement/return rate than the average 26%.

Changing 1 word in the button text can yield up to a 90% CTR!

(Source: Unbounce)


Average Website
(Not Squeeze Page)

Good Squeeze Page

Great Squeeze Page





New Visitors
Conversion Rate

Around 02%
(Source: Wordstream).

Around 30%.

Around 50%.

Repeat Visitors
Conversion Rate

Module Not Used

Around 45%.*

Around 75%.*

Re-targetted Visitors

  • Traffic – Conversions = To Target
  • 1000 – 300 Converted = 700
  • 700 People Re-targetted
  • Traffic – Conversions = To Target
  • 1000 – 500 Converted = 500
  • 500 People Re-targetted

Return Rate

Around 26%.

Around 40%**.

Returning Traffic

  • Ppl Re-targetted x Return Rate = Repeats
  • 700 Re-targetted x 26% = 182
  • 182 People Return
  • Ppl Re-targetted x Return Rate = Repeats
  • 500 Re-targetted x 40% = 200
  • 200 People Return


  • Repeat Visitors x Repeat Conversion Rate
  • 182 Repeat Visitors x 45%
  • Repeat Visitors x Repeat Conversion Rate
  • 200 Repeat Visitors x 75%

* Re-targetting increases your initial conversion rate by 150%.

** Since you’re great you’ve optimised your ads you can easily get a higher engagement/return rate than the average 26%.

If you do it really well you can see an even higher conversion rate and that just by integrating this addon, you can generate a massive improvement in your ‘Lead Magnet’s’ effectiveness!

Now that’s TRULY powerful! Why would you NOT do it???

What Are Different Types Of Re-Marketing?

There are 2 major types of re-marketing that we like to use and I’ll take a very quick look at them.

1. Site Re-Marketing

Display Ads

Probably the most popular forms of re-marketing because it simply displays an ad around the web to all visitors who leave your site.

2. Social Media Re-Marketing

Social Media Remarketing

Unlike the ‘Site Re-Marketing’ you might do through a Google Ad Network, social media re-marketing focuses on displaying re-marketed ads on your social networks.

At this stage, using the above two forms of re-marketing, we’ll follow people around for 60 days on various social media platforms and all around the web.

So for the rest of this article, whenever I refer to ‘Re-Marketing’ I’m referring to BOTH social and site re-marketing.

Let’s Sum It Up So Far With Stats

By this point your brand will be familiar to them and they may have repeatedly visited your squeeze page and will eventually take action!

So what you now have:

Average Website
(Not Squeeze Page)

Good Squeeze Page

Great Squeeze Page

Initial Traffic




Lead Magnet

300 Leads

500 Leads

Re-Marketing Addon

82 Leads

150 Leads


2 Deals

382 Leads

650 Leads

Can you now see the power of doing a bit of conversion optimising?

You now have a lot of new people who’ve taken the first step to becoming a client!

That’s something not to be sniffed at. If you can’t make that business work for you, then you need to go back to step 1 and re-examine your value proposition or your marketing communication!

Now that you’re mastered the first trust signal and are collecting people’s contact information, let’s get onto the next step.

Average Website
(Not Squeeze Page)

Good Squeeze Page

Great Squeeze Page






Around 02%
(Source: Wordstream).

Around 30%.

Around 50%.


  • Traffic x Rate = Results
  • 1000 x 02% = 20 Inquiries
  • 20 Inquiries
  • 300 Leads
  • 500 Leads


  • 10% Conversion Rate
  • Inquiries x Rate = Deals
  • 20 Inquiries x 10% = 2 Deals
  • Close 2 Deals ($100 Each)
  • Revenue Of $200

Revenue of ? (Keep reading!).

Revenue of ? (Keep reading!).

* The inquiries are cold as they have not been nurtured. So we use a 10% rate.

An optimized squeeze page, can yield in excess of a 50% conversion rate.

and some squeeze pages are even higher than that!

So for 1000 visitors, you can get the contact info for 500 of them.

Remember that:

Approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy.

(Source: Kissmetrics)

Which would rather have?

20 inquiries or the contact details of 500 leads?

I know what I’d prefer every single time. Give me 500 leads that I can slowly build trust with over time.

What’s Next?

We’ve taken a brief look at the importance of customer retention and it’s impact on growth.

Read our next article in the 8 step business growth strategy series!

Step #04: The MOST Valuable Business Strategy Change To Your Business (2nd Trust Offer)

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