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Example #01: How To Grow Your Business By 200% In The Financial Niche

Boost your website conversion rate by copying what the highest converting websites all do. You’ll waste 97% of your traffic if you don’t do this.

This is step #03 of our proven 8 step ‘Business Growth Series’ to grow your business through your website by 200% to 1000%+.

See The Power Of This Digital Sales Funnel

How To Get More Customers By Improving Your Website Conversion

Remember at the start I mentioned that in business school 101, there are 3 ways to grow your business?

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Get each customer to spend more.
  3. Get each customer to spend more often.

And that I said that it was the combination of these that leads to exponential growth?

Now I want to focus on pt 1. Get more customers.

A new website visitor is only slightly better than a cold call.

Why? They chose to visit your website rather than you contacting them. They still don’t know you!

For these first few seconds they’re on your site they are skeptical and are trying to make a split second judgement. You do the same when you visit a new website.

In fact…

The average person decides whether or not they trust a page within 2 seconds.

(Source: KissMetrics)

So you’ve got to get your message across clearly and quickly.

What Message Should You Communicate To Boost Your Conversion?

So what message should you communicate in these mighty fast 2 seconds?

Going back to the hot dog seller, would it be a good message to communicate facts (X amount of calories, and Y Kilo-joules of energy, or that it’s organic) in those 2 seconds?


How many facts can you actually communicate in such a short space of time that will make someone take action?

In those 2 seconds, the visitors are looking for the answer “How can this help or benefit me?

Let me introduce a lead magnet to you.

What Is a Lead Magnet & How Does It Help Website Conversion?

It does what its name suggests, like what a magnet does to metal. a lead magnet attracts leads. Obviously!

Lead Magnet

The better the magnet the more it attracts.

A lead magnet is an irresistible offer that offers exceptional value to your visitor.

…in exchange for their contact info.

It’s a transaction. a sign from you of goodwill to build trust.

A new website visitor has no goodwill or trust.

You’re complete strangers.

Learn how to invest in digital marketing channels with this article! Don’t miss it!

This is where most businesses go wrong and it harms their website conversion rate. They assume the visitor trusts them and is willing to “buy” or inquire about their services.

That’s like a door to door salesman. They dress up smart, and start knocking on random doors and then try and sell a product immediately. How often have you bought a product from a door to door salesman like this?

While this works for some businesses, you don’t see Amazon doing this, or Apple or Starbucks, or any major business. They are masters of website conversion!


People don’t buy what they don’t trust.

So that begs the question…

How Do You Build This Trust To Boost Your Website Conversion?

The answer is simple.


How Do We Build Trust

Yet again, this is where businesses fail miserably.

They ask new customers to take a massive leap of faith and trust them. You can see why this won’t help their website conversion.

While some customers will take this massive jump of faith, the majority won’t.

So ask yourself, when a new visitor sees your website, are you asking them to:

  • take a massive leap of faith and buy your products/services
  • or inquire

when they don’t know who you are and if they can trust you?

If so, you’re wasting your money getting traffic.

You need to build trust and boost your website conversion rate.

It’s a little like finding a life partner. You see someone you’re interested in, you then have a chat and put your best foot forward. Then you go a few dates and get to know them and build trust. Then when you have a strong foundation of trust (which takes time and patience) you might decide to marry them. You’d be a creep if you asked them to marry you when you first saw them.

Yet, this is how most business websites approach new site visitors. They ask for marriage on first sight! Creepy!

This Is a SHOCKING Lead Magnet That Will Lower Website Conversions

Asking users to ‘subscribe’ to your newsletter is a SHOCKING ‘Lead Magnet’.

Bad Newsletter Subscribe

It’s like they were too lazy to think of something interesting to write and instead just have an annoying popup.

When I look at this I think:

  • What’s in it for me?
  • Why would I subscribe?
  • Do I really want updates in my inbox? I’d rather visit in my own time please!

So if you’re doing the whole ‘Signup for the newsletter’, make it amazing.

Do not do something like this…

Bad Newsletter Signup 01

This one from Paul Mitchell is a little better but they still don’t make me want to sign up. They are a massive international company and the best they can come up with is this?

Average Newsletter Signup 01

While I might want the inside scoop, generally these ‘inside scoops’ aren’t that ‘inside’ and not worth it. However, I might want to hear about their contests, so there’s a little in it for me.

Let’s look at a great example of a ‘Newsletter Signup’.

Good Newsetter Signup Example

It’s eye-catching and looks great, but again within 2 seconds I want to know ‘what’s in it for me?’

Since I’m considering ordering something and have had a good look around the site, let me signup and get my 20% discount, in case I do order. They also will let me know of special offers, so that might save some money.

So you can see there is something in it for me, and I’d consider signing up. (However, they should change the words on the button from ‘Subscribe Now’ to maybe ‘Yes Please!” or ‘Give Me My Discount!’

If you’re trying to build a ‘Newsletter’ subscriber list, you have to offer something to your customers. Dangle a carrot. Whatever it is make it irresistible or you’ll just frustrate people.

So What’s The Solution?

You’ve got to show your visitors that you’ve got something of value for them to make them hang around and read on.

In those first 2 seconds you’ve got to communicate this to them.

You need to give your visitors something that offers tremendous value for free.

Rather than ask them to take a leap of faith and trust you, we’re reversing the roles here and YOU are offering them something of tremendous value for free in exchange for their contact information.

This ‘Lead Magnet‘ is offered on what’s called a ‘Squeeze Page’ or sometimes a ‘Landing Page’.

It’s sole purpose is to communicate how you can help the customer.

2s Countdown

(See how fast 2s is in the image above! That’s all you’ve got to communicate your great offer.)

In those pivotal first 2 seconds, you’re blowing your visitors away with value for free, in exchange for their contact information.

Watch the video to see examples of very effective squeeze pages that we use:

Lab41 Squeeze Demo

Notice how we create urgency? This can also have a massive impact on conversions. If you’ve got time read this great article on creating urgency here.

Creating urgency can improve conversions by 332%.

(Source: ConversionXL)

Let me explain that stat a little bit as it can be misleading. Assuming your current page converts at 2% (which is an industry average) and if you add urgency it could start converting at 6% which is a 300% improvement or it could take a page that converts at 5% and increase to 15% which is also a 300% improvement. Whereas, if your page is converting at 30%, adding urgency does not mean it will improve to 90%!

However, if most people in your industry convert at 2% and are making a profit, and by adding urgency, you can increase the conversion rate to 6% you’ve still made a 300% improvement and will be far ahead of your competitors! Yet, we target a conversion rate well in excess of this!

As you can see they QUICKLY communicate a fantastic offer to the visitor. It’s all about adding MASSIVE value to the visitor in exchange for their contact details.

Landing Pages Versus Squeeze Pages

Businesses frequently use the names ‘Landing Page’ and ‘Squeeze Page’ interchangeably, but actually, they are very different types of web pages with different purposes.

Sometimes a landing page is called a “sales page” because that is its true purpose.

Once a visitor is directed to a landing page, the goal is to get them to buy something or try something. Typically, there are few design elements to a landing page because you don’t want to distract the reader from the goal.

Here’s a demo of a great landing page.

Landing Page Demo 1

It tells you exactly what you can expect and has a clear call to action “Sign Up Free”.

Here’s another great landing page demo:

Landing Page Demo 2

Notice how these pages have an EXTREMELY clear call to action?

Squeeze pages are simpler and serve a very important purpose. You are “squeezing” your visitor for information.

A squeeze page is used to obtain the name and email address of your web visitor and often has one of the highest website conversion rates.

The sole purpose of the copy or text is to get your visitor to fill out that form.

Have a look at this fantastic demo.

Squeeze Page Demo 01

The visitor either gives them their email address or leaves the page. No confusion whatsoever. Imagine the website conversion rate of this page.

If you have an unruly dog, this squeeze page would work very effectively!

Squeeze Page Demo 02

There is nothing to distract you from the offer and the action they want you to take.

You see why they can convert north of 50%? If you send 1000 people here who have an unruly dog, I can guarantee you that more than 50% will fill in the form.

The Power Of a Great Headline On Website Conversion

I want you to notice how the headline here ‘You Can Have a Calm, Well Behaved Dog!’ is telling you about the ‘After‘ state that you can achieve if you fill in your details. See how powerful this title is?

The Failure Of a Poor Headline On Website Conversion

Whereas this squeeze page looks great, but it’s title doesn’t do anything to inspire me to fill in my details. It doesn’t appeal to a good ‘After‘ state.

Squeeze Page 03

I doubt this squeeze page has more than a 20% conversion due to the poor title.

So you need to think carefully about offer and the wording that you use on your squeeze page.

All the visitor needs to do is fill in their details, we’re not asking them to inquire, or to buy or to browse our services, or setup a meeting. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s great value for the new visitor.

Are You Getting as Many Leads From Your Website as You Should?

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The Squeeze Page Stats

Why It’s Brutally Effective For Boosting Your Website Conversion Rate.

It’s that point in the article where I’d like to introduce a few stats and numbers. Don’t worry, it’s easy to follow!

So let me start by stating some key points to note about the stats:

  1. We use industry average stats that have been tested on thousands upon thousands of visitors.
  2. We start by assuming you’re only ‘average’ and do a basic configuration.
  3. You’ll soon discover just a little bit of tweaking can take an ‘average’ and make it amazing (see the examples in ‘What do the highest converting websites do differently?’ below).
  4. We’ll include 3 sections for our stats,
    • Average
    • Good
    • Great
  5. The difference between ‘Average‘ and ‘Great‘ is just a little bit of conversion optimisation (e.g. testing headlines, button colours, call to actions, etc).
  6. We’ll assume that an average client is worth $100 profit to companies in your industry (for most companies/industries it’s FAR higher!).

Website Conversion Did You Know

So How Effective Is a Good Squeeze Page On Website Conversion?

Assuming an average client is worth $100 profit to companies in your industry (as per above) and you send 1000 visitors to your site.

An Avg. Conversion Rate (Not Squeeze Page):

  • Converts visitors into leads at around 02% (Source: Wordstream).
  • Which means 20 people will inquire (1000 x 2%=20)
  • You might close 2 deals (at a 10% conversion rate since they’re not qualified or warm) (20 x 10% = 2)
  • Giving you a revenue of $200 from those 2 deals (at $100 each) from the initial 1000 site visitors.

A Good Squeeze Page Conversion Rate:

  • Converts visitors into leads at around 30%.
  • So if you send 1000 people to a squeeze page, 300 people will give you their details.
  • (Please note this is a squeeze page, not a contact form inquiry!)

A Great Squeeze Page Conversion Rate:

  • Converts visitors into leads at around 50%.
  • So if you send 1000 people to a squeeze page, 500 people will give you their details.
  • (Please note this is a squeeze page, not a contact form inquiry!)

The Difference Between Our System & The Avg. Website For Conversions?

It’s simple.

Patience & Trust.

Trust Is Earned

You don’t want to sell on the first visit.

So what is it that you want them to do on the first visit?

  • You want to get to know your customers.
  • Know what they want.
  • Get them familiar with your company.
  • Show them that you’re the best and know what you’re doing.
  • Understand why you do what you do.
  • Learn why your products/services are the best.
  • Learn how you’ve helped other companies achieve great success.

Then you’ll wait for them to approach you to help.

We believe trust is earned and takes time.

That’s far more effective than the door to door salesman approach most websites employ.

You should be employing this tactic.

Great Tips To Improve Your Lead Generator’s Website Conversion

Not all ‘Lead Magnets’ have the same effect. Not all squeeze pages will convert at the same rate.

So you need to think about what can you offer your visitors that has significant value AND is something that they want.

It’s no good offering them something amazing, if it’s not what they want.

That’s a bit like the hot dog vendor offering a free coke to hungry people when what they want is food. They’ll thank him for the free coke but go to someone who will offer them food.

A better lead magnet for the hot dog vendor would be to offer people a small taster of the hot dogs he’s offering. They’ve never had them before and aren’t sure if they’re up to standard. They look good, and smell good, but there’s nothing quite like sampling them!

For your ‘Lead Magnet’ you don’t need something lengthy or complex.

What you need is a laser focused offer for visitors specific needs.

Something that your visitor can quickly try and see if it’s worth spending any time getting to know and trust you or your company.

The World’s Best Marketer Stands Up. You Won’t Believe What He Said.

The world’s best marketing guru was paid a small fortune to talk to a large crowd of the best marketers in world.

But he’s the best, and they’re not… So he asked them a very simple question.

What do we need to do to sell more hamburgers?


So what kind of suggestions did these experts offer?

One by one these marketing experts gave answers like:

  • “Make them the tastiest” or
  • “Make them the biggest” or
  • “Offer a free coke with them” or
  • “Let people try them” or
  • “Give people a loyalty discount” or
  • “Print more adverts” or
  • “Get the corner location” or
  • do this and do that…

But there’s a reason they paid a fortune to listen to the world’s best marketer, because what he replied with was pure genius.

He replied “Give me a room full of hungry people and I’ll outsell you all!”

What he’s implying is that you need to meet a specific need. All the extra is fluff.

So make your lead magnet valuable, and specific.

Your visitors want it to solve their problem or help them move from a ‘Before‘ state towards an ‘After‘ state.

Open The Relationship With Your Visitors – Offer Them Great Value (1st Trust Offer)

Don’t waste 97% of the traffic to your website. Learn from the experts and boost your website conversion.


Are You Getting as Many Leads From Your Website as You Should?

  • Quickly see where you can improve your website with some quick fixes!
  • We use it to grow your website by 200%. Its easy to use and simple to understand.
  • Download our free actionable 25 Quick Wins For Your Website Checklist.
Usability Guide

7 Website Conversion Secrets Of the Highest Converting Websites

Secret #1. They Make Their Unique Value Proposition Clear

Call To Action

Visitors should clearly see on your homepage or landing page why they should do business with you and the benefit of it.

Within 2 seconds they MUST SEE your value proposition. To test this, quickly load your page, and close it within 2 seconds. Do this with 10 people and ask them what VALUE PROPOSITION was communicated.

You’d be surprised how their answers will all differ! That will show you, that it needs to be clearer.

Secret #2. They Test Their Calls To Action

What is a CTA or ‘Call To Action’? It’s the one thing you want the website visitor to do! Or put simple what action do you want them to take?

Do you want them to view a catalogue? View your products? Send an inquiry?

Whatever it is, test it.

Changing 1 word in the button text can yield up to a 90% CTR!

(Source: Unbounce)

The team from Unbounce distilled 4 years of research into 1 line.

Value + Relevance = More Conversions

Find out the questions your visitors have and test your calls to action.

Secret #3. They Test Their Headlines

The headline can make or break your website, and possibly a sale.

As mentioned in the intro, the first impression is formed quickly, and the headline is a big part of that impression.

Including a pain point in a headline increased conversions by 31%.

(Source: Kissmetrics)

So how good are your headlines? Have you tested them?

Secret #4. They Have Short Forms

Only ask for the bare essentials. You’re going to be building trust over the long term and can get more information later in the process. Make it easy for people to sign up.

The more fields you add the lower the conversion rate.

Form Fields Conversion Rate

(Image Source: Unbounce)

Or take this example:

Expedia Form Field Case Study

(Image Source: Unbounce)

Using the dreaded word ‘Submit as your form CTA, reduces conversion rates by around 3. Never use the word ‘Submit’. (Source: Unbounce)

Form Button Text Conversion

(Image Source: Unbounce)

In fact, if you’re interested in form conversion rates, then read the full article on Unbounce here. It’s detailed and fascinating!

Secret #5. Implement a Chat Now Button

Have you ever been on a website and there’s a little icon in the bottom right or bottom left saying ‘I’m here to help you’ and when you click on it, you can chat to an operator.

How did it make you feel? Like that if you got stuck someone was right there to assist you. I know that it makes me trust the website a lot more!

Live Chat Button

Make it feel like people are there for any questions or support they may require.

Implementing a “Chat Now” button can increase free signup form fills by 31%.

(Source: Kissmetrics)

Don’t underestimate the importance of this ‘Live Chat’ feature. It’s very easy to install and doesn’t mean you have to be on your computer all day waiting to see if someone wants to chat. We use a system that’s a bit like What’sapp or Facebook Messenger. Only when someone asks to chat do we get a quick email or alert and then we login and chat with them.

Not many site visitors actually use the feature, but for ALL the other site visitors, they feel secure and have an increased trust. It’s so powerful.

It’s not expensive and can yield massive results. If you want to find out more about this and it’s costs, have a look here.

Secret #6. Use Natural Language In Forms

Natural Language

Don’t over complicate things. Make it real.

Using natural language on forms has been shown to increase conversions by 25-40%.

(Source: Kissmetrics)

Do your forms sound technical or are they conversational?

Secret #7. Make Sure It’s Mobile First

Mobile Friendly

I can’t stress this point enough. I also can’t tell you how many websites fail miserable here!

If you’re doubting me, then have a look at this stat.

Having a nice mobile site can double conversions.

(Source: Kissmetrics)

What? That means that you can DOUBLE your income from your website by doing this ONE change!

I can’t tell you how many sites are ugly and un-optimized for mobile. Yet, according to Google more than 52% of internet searches are done using a mobile device!

If you have a bad mobile site, you’ve just given 52% of your site visitors bad experience.

Not sure if you’re site is looking good for 52% of your visitors? Have a look at this mobile website tester here.

If it’s not amazing, get it sorted immediately.

What’s The Most Important Website Conversion Secret?

So many factors to be aware of but most importantly…

Keep Calm & Test

Test everything!

I mean it. Test everything and you’ll see amazing results. Sometimes using red can improve conversions by 50% sometimes it’s blue. People are fickle and it changes with each website. So you need to test!

Often it’s enough to offer a discount as a reward for signing up. In fact the stats support this,

72% of consumers sign up for emails because they want to get discounts.

But only 8.2% sign up because they love the brand.

(Source: Bluehornet)

So maybe all you need to offer is a good discount? If you decide to go this route, remember that while it might get people to sign up, it doesn’t show the person that you’re the ‘industry leader’ or ‘best’ because they only have a discount and haven’t received anything at all. You’ve shared no expertise, or anything to show them they can trust you, so you will then need to focus on this aspect to get them further down the funnel.

We’ve Made It Easy!

We’ve summarised the steps in a handy reference guide.

Download It Now!

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What’s Next?

Now that you know how to sell more and make customers want your product, it’s time you reviewed the next step in the business growth series.

Step #03A: Step #03A: Boosting Conversions By 150% With Remarketing

This is just part of what’s possible, and we’d love to help you grow. If you need a little help with your online strategy, take a look at our Strategy Session app.

If you’d like to have a highly converting website, please try our ‘Lab41 SitePRO’ that outputs world-class, cutting-edge, mobile-optimised websites. Go on, take a risk-free trial.